3 tips to be more productive

Are you tired of wasting you time on social media and would like to become more productive? Then these 5 tips will help you reach the productivity you’ve always hoped for. Obviously it doesn’t happen over night and you will have to implement these tips every time. So it will need some effort. But if you want to get your sh*t together you will take these 5 tips like a boss!


You might already heard of this feature. With an Apple phone you can put your phone into: do not disturb, work, sleep, personal mode. Which blocks certain contacts from calling you. You can personalize each and everyone of these categories.

For example when you put it in work mode you can add contacts who are allowed to call you. You can also add unknown numbers to that list. But not only contacts, also apps. You only add the ones who are allowed to sent notifications.

If you have a set schedule you can even set certain times where it automatically turn into a certain mode. This is how you. do not get distracted by any social media or unimportant messages.


Divide your workday into smaller time blocks. You will see a certain task as only 1 hour. Now a big task all of a sudden doesn’t seem so big. Let’s say you have 6 hours of work and 8 tasks to complete or start that day.

You will start by giving every task a certain amount of time. You set a timer off for example 30 minutes to complete writing 10 social media posts. If the timer goes off, you stop that task. Don’t worry if it is not finished. There will be tasks done sooner than you think.

Personally I don’t put a timer on for longer than 25 minutes. I rater put 2 timers for one task so I can have a 5 minute break in-between, then losing my attention in that hour and not completing any tasks at all.


This might be a harder one to figure out. The time someone is most productive is different for everyone. But if you can figure that out, it is worth gold!

If I look at my productiveness it is from 8AM-11AM and from 9PM-11PM. I know, annoying. With such a big gab in-between it isn’t always easy to start again so late in the evening. In the first productivity period I’m at my corporate job and I try to get everything done that requires a lot of thinking and writing. After that I will plan my meetings and do some designing or editing. My evening productivity period I use for my personal things that I need to get done. Like writing this blog for example.

So give yourself some time to figure this out. It is also not the same every single day.

I hope this will help you boost your productivity to the next level! We are one step closer to getting our sh*t together!

Corinne Schreinemacher
Corinne Schreinemacher

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