How to restart your life in a week

how to restart your life in a week

How to restart your life in 1 week? Do you sometimes feel like you need a week of preparations to be able to start? Then you should keep on reading. This article is all about restarting with that one week of trial and error.


I don’t mean all your goals. Let’s just start with a few, you can add goals along the way. I have a spreadsheet to guide you on that journey! I would advise starting with a maximum of 5 goals. If you complete them each week for one month straight you can start adding other goals to your list. 

Make sure your goals are realistic and doable. Don’t expect to go from 0 to a 100 in one day. It does take time for them to become habits, and you won’t implement all goals that easily.


Sometimes you just have to try out one week in order to see if you need to make adjustments to your plan. You might think 1,5 hours of gym on tuesday is doable. But you end up exhausted from work on tuesdays. So you end up going for 30 minutes. That is perfectly fine, just adjust your goals. 

We all think we can do so much but rest and sleep is also very important in order for our body to fully function.



Maybe during that week you will see you don’t have everything you need in order to complete your goals. Maybe you need some more containers in order to mealprep or a physical to-do list to check off everything you have done. 

This could be anything but during that week you can all see that and adjust what needs to be adjusted. 

Do you just need that extra push? I have multiple printables that you can use like calendars, to-do lists, goal sheets,… you can find them all with just one click on this button! 

And that is how you restart your life! Enjoy and let’s start getting out sh*t together! You can always message me via my social media!


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