7 saving tips you need

Saving tips

These 7 saving tips are missing from your life especially in this crisis! What a month, my spending was minimal but still I didn’t have a penny left at the end of the month. This financial crisis is taking a toll on you and many others. So I did some research and tried out some saving tricks. They will help you with uncontrollable spending and save you quite a bit of money. 

This is not about saving for your first 5K, this article is about saving your money in the long run. If you adjust a few small things you will be able to save up a good amount of money. 

1. freeze your meals

You can freeze more of your meals than you might think. But why would you freeze your food? It is not a secret that buying in bulk is cheaper, but this often targets larger families with kids. Adults in their 20’s are often forgotten but that doesn’t have to be the case. Buy in bulk, cook 6-8 portions at a time and put them in your freezer. At the end of the month you will save up some money because the last 2 weeks you barely have to buy any groceries. It also saves you a lot of cooking time.

2. turn down the heat with 1°C

It doesn’t seem like much but with prices of gas and electricity being so high lately, we have no other choice. So let’s put on that extra sweater and those fuzzy socks, it feels a lot more cozy. But this saving trick is so important at this moment.

small things add up

3. track your expenses

Don’t worry I got you for this one. I made this amazing spreadsheet that you could use to track your expenses. What’s the point? Tracking them makes you more conscious about what you are giving your money to. You might not realize how much you actually spend at that small grocery store around the corner. Instead just go once a week to a larger store where the prices are lower.

4. cut out unnecessary groceries

What is unnecessary? The first thing I barely buy now are soft drinks. You or your body doesn’t need it and it is so expensive. Besides that I only drink tap water, which means I never buy bottled water. What else could you not need that you might buy weekly? Maybe you’ll have to look into your past grocery store tickets to figure that out.

5. set up a budget plan

At the beginning of every month, you should set up a budget. You have all kinds of different categories that you can put into a budget. But don’t you worry I also have a spreadsheet for that. It is time to take control and have an overview of what you are spending and what you can spend.

6. hang up your laundry

A dryer uses up so much energy, so the solution? Don’t use it! Hang up your clothes to dry. I understand in the winter it takes quite a long time to dry but try putting the drying rack in front of a window. A little bit of sun might actually help more than you think.

7. your microwave is your best friend

Another big use of energy is your oven. So try to use that microwave of yours a bit more often than you normally would. 

Obviously you can’t always do all of them but just know that the little things do matter. If you have any more tips to add to this list let me know!


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