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Making to do lists are easy but let’s now try the expert version of it. This is how you get organized and get your shit together. I’m talking about prioritizing, time blocking, and weekly / daily to do’s. Because in order to get all your tasks done and be efficient about it you might need to up your game. First of all, I will show you my way of doing it which uses multiple lists. But you can put your spin on it and create a method that works for you.

My general to do lists

Welcome to the longest to do list of my entire existence. On this list, I write down everything I will need to do. This includes all work tasks and larger at-home tasks like deep cleaning a certain room. I make one each month and after that, I divide them per week. Why is this important you may ask? I need an overview, a plan, and a future goal. The more tasks I have the more efficiently I work. Give me 1 task it will take me a week, give me 20 tasks it will take me 3 days. And doesn’t it feel good to tick off all those boxes?

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how to make a weekly to do lists

Now that we have created a general list we are going to spread out those tasks. If 4 rooms need deep cleaning you will do 1 room a week. If you need to write 5 articles you might want to batch them, because you will need full concentration. 

But we are adding smaller tasks to this list, like a gym session, weekly run, or laundry. If we put small tasks like this in our general list we will lose the overview. So let’s put all the small tasks into the weekly to-do list. 

Try and make this list at the beginning of the week.

daily agenda / time-blocking

It is time for our daily time-blocking / agenda. This is where my agenda comes in handy. A daily paper with hours from 5 AM-12 PM. For every task, I time block, if I don’t get my task done I will finish it in my ‘to finish’ time block. If I get my task done I highlight it with a marker, which means the more color it has the more I got done that day.


It is time to be more efficient and get those tasks done!

Corinne Schreinemacher
Corinne Schreinemacher

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