5 productivity tips you need

productivity tips

I can’t live without these productivity tips. These hacks are easy to implement and will help you reach your goals. But why is productivity so important? Because you don’t want to waste your time. I used to play games on my phone for at least 1-2 hours a day. Now I have deleted those apps and I have so much more time. 

Productivity tip 1: 25-5 rule

You work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break and repeat the cycle 4 times. Before you know it you have smashed out 2 hours of hard work. After that you can take a longer break. If you get distracted very easily this is a good one for you. 25 minutes is not a long time to keep working and not zit on your phone because you know you are allowed to grab your phone very soon.

You snooze you lose

Yes, you’ve heard me loud and clear! Snoozing is counter productive, those 5 minutes of sleep between alarms won’t make you more well rested. So you are actually wasting your time. You might as well get up and running. Personally, I have 2 alarms. One to wake up and grab my phone, the second to actually get out of bed. I wish I didn’t need my phone to wake up in the morning but if I don’t do that I fall back asleep very soon. 

I have written an entire article about this one. Talking about how you can make the best to do list for productivity. It has 3 easy steps: general, weekly and daily to-do lists. I do prioritize elements in my to-do list. I prefer a list on paper because it keeps me more accountable.

Focus feature

This feature has saved my life! I’m a sucker for notifications, but with this feature I only read them when I need to. You can select contacts that can call you or apps that can send you notifications, but no one else can. They will appear in a separate notification list that requires you to do another step before you can ready them.

Time blocking

A million people already talked about how to time block your calendar. It just means spreading your to-do list over the times in a day. BUT one important aspect to take from this: always leave out some gaps to do the work you didn’t get done. Otherwise you will feel bad and go into a downward spiral.

I hope these productivity tips will help you reach your goals!


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