Get a hold of your expenses and bills

Get a hold of your expenses and bills with these tips. We all know that life can be challenging and hard. All we need sometimes is a little bit of structure and help to achieve our goals. Or at least to get ahead of life. We have bills to deal with more than we actually can imagine, insurance, weekly, monthly and yearly items to pay. We sometimes can’t get a hold of it.

tracking expenses

Back to basics. We are tracking our expenses. Before we can change the behavior we have to analyze what we are doing right now. We track by the month but keep track weekly. You can do this online or offline. If you need an easy online spreadsheet to help you I’ve got you covered!

After some tracking we can start analyzing what we are doing and most importantly what we can do better. It might be a challenge at first but once you’re actually doing better you’ll feel accomplished. Don’t expect to be good at everything right of the bet, step by step and day by day.

get your shit together


bills, bills, bills

What bills are coming your way? 

You are having a relaxed day, all your bills have been paid and all of a sudden you get this yearly expensive bill that you totally forgot and didn’t prepare for. That’s why you should make a list with weekly, monthly and yearly bills. Do some research in your county, ask friends and family and try to include as many fixed expenses as you can.

Put alarms into your calendar a few moments in advance so you are prepared for what’s coming. But you can’t always be prepared, or can you? Unexpected bills will always pop up, so create an emergency fund so you can loan money to yourself. My emergency fund is at least 2k and now I put it even higher at 5k.

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed trying to keep your life on track. Don’t worry, use my to-do list bundle to keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You can download it for free!

get a hold of your expenses
Corinne Schreinemacher
Corinne Schreinemacher

Let's get our shit together and never miss another payment.

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