How to stay on track in life in 2023

Learn how you can stay on track in life in 2023. Life can be overwhelming and we all need some help every now and then to just keep our shit together. You can’t do it all, you will receive help with tracking expenses and keeping an eye on all payments. You will be able to set goals and keep track of them while making your day as productive as you can. And this all while you implement new habits into your daily life.

Stay on track in life by setting goals

You hear millions of people talking about setting their yearly goals but after that you will never hear from them again. Why? Because they don’t track the progress of their goals. With this spreadsheet you can create your goals and specify them step by step. You will also keep track of your own progress with each of your goals. This excel will be a game changer for your future AND IT IS COMPLETELY FREE.

How to stay on track in life in 2023

How much money do I earn and how much money do I spend?

We often get a paycheck and only one week later we have 0 money left. Why? Because we have no idea how much life really costs. What small amounts really add up and what payments we frequently forget about. So I created another free spreadsheet to help you out with that. You can track your expenses, savings and so many other things.

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Create the most productive you

Productivity is key to being able to do what you love while doing all your musts. You need an efficient to do list together with a daily, weekly and monthly calendar. It will help you visualize all your tasks and commitments and you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

You can also use my productivity tips article to really boost your productivity.

Habits create better futures

It isn’t always easy to implement all habits at once. So I created another spreadsheet to help you with that. You can track your life and habits via this habit tracker. You will be able to see your progress and it will give you step by step guidance to implement more and more habits.

Corinne Schreinemacher
Corinne Schreinemacher

I wish you all best of luck in 2023 and let’s keep in touch!

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