How to deal with overspending

We all have those moments in time where we know we are overspending but are just not able to get a hold of ourselves. For starters we will never be able to never ever overspend but we can prepare.

How to deal with overspending

How to not overspend

Let’s dive into the hard part. How do I stop myself from overspending? We start by creating budgets for ourselves. Personally I rather put more budget to the categories than towards savings. I rather spend some more on myself than feeling bad I overspend, because I just have given myself a small budget. 

Track your spending. I have created a very easy spreadsheet where you can track your spendings and give yourself a budget for every month. Why is this free spreadsheet easy? Because you can download Google Spreadsheet app and use it anywhere you want. But you can also analyze your category spendings. What do you spend the most money on and is it necessary? 


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How to easily heal from overspending

You can easily prepare yourself from some overspending. I created an emergency fund of 5K where I can use that money to loan to myself. For example: there is this gorgeous bag for sale but it is even more than your monthly clothing budget, then I can loan myself some money and pay my clothing budget for next month back to my emergency fund. 

We all know that shopping is a kind of therapy and I’m not a big saver. But I’m prepared for when I need some more shopping therapy. It is easy because you are never deepening on others. Sometimes you’ll use the emergency fund money for stuff like doctors and vacations. But you can also use it for small things. 


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