How I create my weekly routine

create routine

Join me on my weekly routine. Creating a daily or weekly routine really has helped me to stay on track. I allow myself to go out of this routine every now and then if I need it. The latest routine is more strict than ever. It doesn’t allow me to say yes to every social event and it also forces me to get into bed on time. Let’s dive into it!


First I set myself some fitness and weight loss goals. Here I will need to implement more exercise into my life. I know that I’m more tempted to cancel my evening session than my morning session. So I decided that workouts will happen between 5:30 AM and 9 AM. Except during the weekends. There I will be more flexible.

  • Monday: run (I leave for the office pretty early so can’t go to the gym)
  • Tuesday: glutes & hamstrings
  • Wednesday: active recovery (also have to go to the office)
  • Thursday: biceps, back & abs
  • Friday: quads & calves
  • Saturday: active recovery (small run or long walk)
  • Sunday: shoulders, triceps & chest


Besides working out I have a full-time job and some side hustles who need my daily attention. This is how I divide them:

work routine


I’m a girl that thrives on socializing and meeting new people. I try to go and do things as often as I can. During the week I will plan 1-2 things that I will do after work. Since creating a routine where I wake up at 5 AM I only plan social items until 10 PM. On the weekends I try and go do as many things as I can and always try to catch up with the besties.


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