How to prioritize your life

How to prioritize your life

How can you prioritize your life? Up till this day, I still haven’t mastered prioritizing everything in life. But slowly I’m getting there. Often we base our decisions on short-term happiness instead of long-term happiness. You will more often pick going out for drinks with friends over going to the gym. You get instant happiness from hanging out with friends but with the gym that isn’t always the case.

Let’s write down some priorities

Make a list of all your tasks and people you should see and the actions you should do in order to reach your goals. Do you want to know more about goal setting? Read my other article, which will give you all the tips and tricks. That list can be as long as you please and you can be very specific. 

Read, think, delete

It is time to delete 25% of your list. Keep in mind that you should put yourself first. So if that birthday dinner of one of your college friends has to go, you do it. This is a list that should mainly focus on what you want and what you want to achieve. After you do that you will have only your must-does tasks. If you still feel like it is too much, try to focus on one goal/habit at a time.  You will see when it becomes a habit you have the energy to do more other tasks but give yourself time. 

if you don’t fill up your own cup how can you be the best to everyone else?

Time to schedule your tasks

If you haven’t bought yourself a planner it is time that you should! I have plenty on my Etsy store and more to come! You can buy yourself a printable one or use it digitally. Whether you like to plan monthly or weekly you should plan out most of your to-do’s. I even list-up items like laundry, calls, and meetings. Everything. Secondly, I time block each day to become more productive. If you want to learn how to be productive you can read this article as well.

In the end, it is important to choose yourself above everything else. Because if you don’t fill up your own cup how can you be the best to everyone else?

Corinne Schreinemacher
Corinne Schreinemacher

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