Productivity Tools that you need

Productivity tools

With these tools, you will boost your productivity in no time. Productivity is always a challenge for many of us. So make it easy on yourself and use free tools that boost your productivity and help you to achieve your goals.

Timeblock Calendar

I use a daily calendar on my iPad to plan my day by using the time-blocking method. Every hour and sometimes even half an hour is blocked in my calendar. Before I bought my iPad I always used a physical calendar. Often those calendars are expensive but you can easily find cheap daily calendars. It doesn’t cover an entire year but the good part is you can always switch up calendar looks after a few months.


I know this sounds weird. But I use my iPhone’s do not disturb feature. I create different kinds of these features to use during the day. I have one at work that only allows Microsoft Teams & colleagues. I have an anti-social where no social media apps are allowed to send notifications and I also have a date night do not disturb, no one and no app is allowed to send me a message. 

It helps me to not grab my phone every minute of the day. And I can work longer periods without any distractions.

TO-do lists

Why use a to-do list & time blocking? I will write the smallest items on my to-do lists. Instead of cleaning up the kitchen, I would note: wipe the counter down, take trash out, do dishes, clean out the oven, and put clean dishes away. Why? Every time I do a small task I get to tick it off my list. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.


After getting a certain amount of tasks done I always give myself a reward. Either some relaxing time or food. Sometimes I also tell myself I have to finish those tasks before I leave the house. I try to do most things in the morning because in the afternoon my motivation always goes down.


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