5 that girl Podcast shows to reach your full potential

Get motivated with these 5 that girl podcasts that will keep you accountable and teach you all new things that you never knew before. Plug in those earphones and let’s go for a walk with your new besties. Yes, these podcast hosts will feel like your best friend when listening to them.

5 that girl podcasts

This that girl podcast is hosted by Tori (torisstory) & Lily (fitwithlily). They discuss topics like nutrition, fitness, health, and mindset. Two best friends have their weekly chat about items they love. Listening to their podcast gives you motivation and some good tips and tricks to stay consistent with your goals.

Do you need a very short podcast to listen to on the daily? The Health Code Daily hosted by Sarah (sarahsday) & Kurt (kjtilse) gives you some daily advice on different topics. From girl boss all the way to how to stay happy daily. It only takes 5-15 minutes to listen to an episode, have your favorite mom and dad in your ears every day.

Georgie Stevenson (georgiestevenson) is the definition of a girl boss and full-time mom. Balancing a busy lifestyle with motherhood. She ain’t afraid to tell you how it is and wears her heart on her sleeve for you! She will keep you accountable and also give you some realizations to consider. Her laugh will put a smile on your face. If you can’t get enough of her, you can also enjoy her amazing vlogs.

If you need someone that teaches you how to laugh with yourself and accept yourself. Grace (gkbarry_) is your girl. No topic is left unspoken in this podcast, sharing her most embarrassing stories and also inviting other influencers to share their story in a hilarious way. You don’t always need to keep it serious, sometimes all you need is a good laugh on your Sunday walk.

Another Grace you need is Grace Beverly (gracebeverly), she has created a great business for herself and interviews some amazing other business owners. They all share their stories in a unique way. If you need some business motivation and inspiration podcast this is the one for you. Get your inner that girl out after listening to this podcast.

Do you have another amazing podcast to share? Please let me know below, I would love to be able to create a part 2.


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