5 YouTube Channels for your Fitness journey

youtube fitness channels

These 5 YouTube Fitness Channels will motivate and inspire your journey. It is hard to stay motivated and we often need that extra push to keep going. Or are you looking to switch up your workout routine? Go watch some of these popular YouTubers that will guide the way.

Our science queen Natacha Ocean will always provide us with science-backed input on your fitness and nutrition. She always goes out of her way to study science and also tests it in reality. She tackles topics like: can you out-train a bad diet? Or the Navy Seal entry program. She is not afraid to call out internet hypes for their unhealthy influences on the world.

She is the queen of at-home workouts. Maddie provides you with real-time workouts to do at home for different levels. You can have some beginner workouts but also some more advanced ones. Do you just need to let go and have fun? You should try one of her dance workouts. It is a fun way to get your heart rate up and move your body.

For my competition girlies who are really into lifting weights and entering a bodybuilding competition. She is your girl. She keeps it real and takes you on her competition journey while also giving you a glimpse into her personal life. Her personal vlog also includes a lot of gym content since that is really her main job.

For some CrossFit inspiration, Mat Fraser is your guy. Taking you on his journey of becoming a crossfit world champion to letting go of that part of his life but still working hard and dedicated to his goals. You will be inspired to stay consistent and dedicated to your goals even on the hard days.

She is the queen of her own workouts. Sarah created 3 e-books with workouts in them, from a beginner level to more advanced. She often shares some workouts on her channel. But also talk about how to balance mom life and working out consistently.


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