How to budget in 2024, Free spreadsheet

budgeting in 2024

The new year is coming and you want to take control of your budget. Let’s start this year with budgeting or finances and make sure we take control of your financial situation. But why? Having all your money business in order gives you peace of mind. Stress is often caused by a person’s financial situation. So let’s figure out how we can take matters into our own hands and start budgeting.

how do i start budgeting?

It is easier than you may think. We will start by writing down your income. What do you earn every month? Why monthly? Most payments and bills come monthly, if you live in the United States it might be every other week, but not for all bills. What includes your income? I take my main job + my side hustle and I use both of them as my income. Although my side hustle doesn’t generate the same amount of money every month. 

Don’t worry you don’t have to start on a white piece of paper. Click open this spreadsheet that will help you budget your life. You can start by filling in your income on the budget page in the category income.

how do i know what i will spend?

You will never know the exact amount in advance but that’s what we call budgeting. You give yourself a budget and you will stick to it. But first, let us split your expenses into two categories. Your fixed expenses and your variable expenses. 

Your fixed expenses are bills that are the same every month. This is often:

  • Insurance
  • Downpayment/rent
  • Internet
  • Memberships


Take control

Use this to your advantage. You know you will have to pay those bills, so prepare a direct debit for these kinds of payments. That makes budgeting a lot easier. Also, try to do that the day after you receive your paycheck. Why? Those worries will fall right off your shoulders. 

start budgeting

Next up: let’s give ourselves a budget to work with. You have other items to pay for with your remaining income. Please note that you should try and save some money. But I will talk about savings in another article, next week! What are some other categories you will spend your money on:

  • Savings
  • Groceries
  • Clothes
  • Entertainment
  • Pets
  • Eating out
  • Sports


List them all up and give yourself a budget. How do you pick a budget? Look for a doable budget, don’t make it hard on yourself. The more you practice budgeting the easier it becomes and you will automatically start by putting money into what you need and not what you want. With that being said, start off with the categories that you need, like groceries. With the money that is left, you can’t put it towards your wants. 

And that is how you budget!

track your expenses

BUT also keep track of your expenses as you go. The reason for that is that we often spend money on items that we don’t even realize. Like that chocolate bar at the office, or that coffee on our lunch break. So really try to type it all out. Of course in my spreadsheet it is foreseen, so don’t hesitate to download it, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!


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