Trackers and planners to start the year 2024

trackers and planners

With these trackers and planners, you can start 2024 with a bang, you will be able to reach your goals, set habits, and make 2024 the most amazing year! I use these docs so often and they have helped me complete what I thought was impossible.

Budgeting for the new year

Finance goals are always hard to reach because they require some change of habits and in order to change those habits you will have to see where all your money goes. So let’s start tracking those expenses and start budgeting so you will spend money where you need and want to spend it. You will become more aware and start making new decisions.

Working out

If you’re a beginner or an advanced gym addict you should start tracking your sets, reps, and weights. It helps you to push yourself and see the progress you have made. I use this every single workout to see if I have progressed or to check if there is room to push myself that day during my workout.

Goal setting

It sounds cliché but it helps, setting goals helps you to achieve them. You do need to break them down into small habits and tasks in order to be able to achieve them. I have created a free spreadsheet that you can download from my resources.


To-do lists can be one of your daily foundations that you use. I feel like creating to-do lists makes me more productive and I just love the ick off that task for today. It deletes the feeling of being overwhelmed with everything you should do and you see it more as a one-by-one task.


Daily, weekly & monthly planners can be complicated, I create easy and short planners that you can reuse. We stick to the point and don’t get distracted by affirmations and feelings. These planners are created to boost productivity and to make sure you accomplish goals.


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