How to reduce stress in you 20s

In these days society we are filled with expectations that cause a huge amount of stress. So how to reduce stress in your 20s? Let me give you some tips and tricks to reduce your stress levels.

Where does your stress come from?

Make a list of items that cause stress in your life. These can be as little as you want them to be, but let me sum up some general topics to dive into: 

  • Finances
  • Work
  • School
  • Friendships/family/relationship(s) 
  • After work/school activities
  • Expectations from others


Go through these topics and see what items give you stress. This can be a lot of small items that individually aren’t a big deal but become too much when combining them.

Finances: create a budget sheet to keep track so you always know what’s coming. lucky for you I have a FREE BUDGET SPREADSHEET

Work: the easiest way is just to change jobs. But that is not easy for everyone. So think about how you can reduce your work stress. Set boundaries and communicate them clearly to colleagues

School: do you need to keep track of your deadlines? Buy a physical or digital planner

Friendships: don’t stress about what you can’t control. You have no power over how others treat you so don’t bother trying. 

Activities: do what you like and not what others want you to do. This should be a time to relax and forget your worries, not add on more stress. 

Expectations: we are always trying to do good for others and exceed their expectations. But exceed your expectations before others.

I wish there was one remedy for everyone. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case. If you need some help reducing your stress you should contact a specialist.

Corinne Schreinemacher
Corinne Schreinemacher


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