Why you should budget

Do you want to buy a dream house and live debt free? Then you should budget! Budgeting is a great tool to save money and, more importantly, don’t waste it on useless things. I started budgeting a couple of months ago and it already helpt me a lot. But you probably wonder how you can start.

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how to be productive

How to be productive

How can you be more productive and get the most out of your day? The past 5 years I had multiple jobs, I studied, I have my own company and I had a social life. But how did I do it all? It is not as simple as: just do it. I created a routine, where I smashed large amounts of work in a short amount of time. What my colleagues and friends do in one day I do in 4 hours. So let me tell you how to be productive.

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How to set and adjust your monthly budget

How to set and adjust your monthly budget

We all can set a monthly budget, but can you also adjust your monthly budget? It is time for some reflection and adjustments in your budget. We do this to make the entire budgeting experience a good one without stress or feeling bad. The next month is approaching soon and we will reflect on our monthly budget.

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