How to reduce stress in you 20s

In these days society we are filled with expectations that cause a huge amount of stress. So how to reduce stress in your 20s? Let me give you some tips and tricks to reduce your stress levels.

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Setting goals for print and iPad

New year, new goals. Every year we set new goals for ourselves to achieve. Research has shown that setting goals and writing them down helps you achieve them.

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Goalsetting for 2024

It is almost a new year and that means new goals to reach. Goalsetting looks easy but if you do it right it takes some time. Goalsetting in the right way helps you to achieve those goals more easily.

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How to meal prep and plan your workouts

At a young age we all want to be as healthy as we can possibly be. It is also the Trent to live a happy and balanced life. But how to meal prep and plan workouts isn’t always easy. Especially, not as easy as all those influencers make it look. But what if I tell you it isn’t impossible. The answer is actually in the title: PLAN. Plan as much as you can so the only thing left is fulfilling the task.

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Productivity tools

Productivity Tools that you need

With these tools, you will boost your productivity in no time. Productivity is always a challenge for many of us. So make it easy on yourself and use free tools that boost your productivity and help you to achieve your goals.

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